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Jeffrey, Don, Stephen, Matt,Tim, Jim, Jesse, Tony

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July 2021

In June 2021, the Bureau of Construction Codes (BCC) sent out an eleven-question customer-focused survey to over 100,000 of our licensees and stakeholders. The goal of this survey was to get feedback to better meet our customers’ needs and to identify where we can work to improve our services. BCC received over 1,200 responses to the survey questions, below is a summary of the results.

To start the survey, we wanted to know who our customers most interact with when they communicate with BCC. A vast majority of respondents said they interact with our Building and Electrical Sections the most.

Approximately 48% of our respondents had communicated with the Bureau in some manner in the past year. Of those who said they had been in contact, over 52% of respondents indicated their issue had been handled satisfactorily.

Next, we asked, “Have there been major obstacles or impediments in our processes that have impacted your ability to complete your business with BCC?” A vast majority of respondents, 72% of people, answered no, there have not been major obstacles or impediments in the Bureau’s processes. Those customers who felt as though there were obstacles or impediments listed things such as:

  •  The need to improve customer service,
  •  Better or easier web navigation, and
  •  Improving staff response times.

Focusing on the area within BCC that respondents interacted with the most, we wanted to know how we could improve our customer’s experience when working with the Bureau. Replies included themes such as:

  •  Speeding up staff response times to customers,
  •  Improving communication with customers, and
  •  Improving the technology systems.

We then wanted to know if our customers were experiencing difficulties using our website or online systems, such as Accela, JOL, or CE Broker. Over 55% of the respondents said no, they had not experienced difficulties using these systems. Those who said they had experienced difficulties cited some systems at BCC being nonuser-friendly, specifically:

  •  The system is hard to navigate.
  •  The system is hard to search.
  •  The navigation tools are not intuitive.
  •  Password resetting is difficult.

Over 60% of respondents did find the information included on BCC’s website to be helpful and useful. When asked for suggestions on how to improve the website, customers indicated they would like to see the website become more streamlined, more simplistic, and easier to navigate.

Next, we asked how many have read BCC’s quarterly newsletter, the Trades Connection.  While only about 23% of respondents said they had read the publication, those who had read it said they did find the content helpful and useful. They also indicated the desire to see more information on code updates in the newsletter.

For those customers who have a license through the Bureau, we wished to know how many people had utilized the services of our third-party testing agency, PSI. A majority of those responding, over 68%, said they had not used PSI. Of the 32% who have used PSI, a majority indicated their experience was positive.

Finally, we wanted to know if there was anything else that our customers wanted to share or add. Many of the respondents said they had nothing else to add. While others reiterated the desire for easier website or system navigation and improving different aspects of our customer service, including continuing to increase the communication with licensees and stakeholders.

Thank you to all who took the time to fill out our survey and provide valuable feedback.  Your contributions will help us improve your customer service experience.


Keith E. Lambert, PS, Director

Bureau of Construction Codes

Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

-State Construction Code Commission (SCCC)

MCL 125.1510(1) requires these applications to be on a form prescribed by the commission.  The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) highly encourages the SCCC to prescribe these forms, and the SCCC acknowledges assistance from the Bureau of Construction Codes and input from interested stakeholders such as yourselves is necessary in accomplishing this task.

Bureau of Construction Codes/Administrative Services Division, P.O. Box 30254, Lansing, MI 48909. 

Electronic submittals must be addressed to: \

All submissions will be presented to the SCCC at their next regularly scheduled meeting.

 Input is greatly appreciated.

Update your subscriptions, modify your password or email address, or stop subscriptions at any time on your Subscriber Preferences Page. You will need to use your email address to log in. If you have questions or problems with the subscription service, please contact

This service is provided to you at no charge by Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.


2021 February ICC Chapter Update


MADCAD Information

Those who may be interested in information regarding MADCAD are encouraged to talk to your local or regional Code Official Organizations for more information.  MADCAD is an online source for the Essential Referenced Standards Library.  Access to many of the required essential standards can be obtained through MADCAD for a fraction of the cost to buy the books and create a physical library in your jurisdiction.  COCM is working cooperatively with local and regional Code Official Organizations to bring this information to the attention of the COCM Membership. If your local chapter organization has not looked at MADCAD, they should contact the one of the organizations below for more information. For more details and information about MADCAD, use ICCSAFE.ORG for locating your local Chapters.

Below are past known Member associations that host a MadCad Library




Lake Michigan Chapter ICC

Membership application & Madcad application required.

Please E-mail President Hanson:


Northern Michigan Code Officials Association

NMCOA membership of at least one jurisdiction representative is required to participate in 

the NMCOA MADCAD Subscription. 

More information can be found under the MADCAD Tab at 

or by emailing

Membership in NMCOA is required to participate in the MADCAD subscription program

Cost of membership is $100.00 and includes 9 continuing educational opportunities 

at NMCOA monthly meetings. 

Renewal information for MADCAD is sent out in January to serve as a reminder to participating jurisdictions. 

Renewal information for NMCOA membership is sent out in yearly in December to participating members. 


Michigan Chapters

Members of any association that offer MadCad, we want to know about you.


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COCM financial aid is available 

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State Act 407 approval

or renewal of existing programs.

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Upcoming Conferences

2022 Spring Conference

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September 26-30 2022


2023 Spring Conference

The H Hotel - Midland

May 8-10 2023


2023 Fall Conference

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Sept. 25-29, 2023



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 2020/2021 COCM Board of Directors

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 President - Matt Leach

Vice President - Stephen Taglauer

Secretary - Donald Gilmet

Treasurer - Jeff Bowdell

1st Director - Tim Berger

2nd Director - Jim Albus

3rd Director - Jesse Harrington 

4th Director - Tony Nicholas