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2020 Fall Conference

2020 COCM Fall Conference

September 21st - 25th   2020

Treetops Resort


(855) 257-1273

Treetops Resort Website

Codes and Permit Process CP-20-00048 PP 25790

Effective Use of Code CP-18-00025 PP 25872

Understanding Curtain wall Construction CP-20-00049 PP-25791

The Truth is Somewhere in the Middle CP-18-00024 PP25873

Fire Stopping in Mass Timber Construction CP-20-00048 PP 25790

Accessibility 2009 ICC A117.1 CP-19-000177 PP 25874

Firestopping Residential Construction CP-20-00045, PP 25870

Modifications to UL Design CP-19-00207, PP 25877

Marihuana Grow Operations CP-20-00037, PP-2587

Protect your Openings CP Pending, PP-25878

Pitfalls of repurposing commercial and industrial building CP-Pending, PP 25876

Emergency Alarm for Hazardous Materials CP- 17-00052, PP Pending

Secrets of the research for alternative materials and test methods CP-20-00039, PP25879

2015 ISPSC  Overview CP Pending, PP 25881

Improving the Efficiency of your Inspection CP-20-00040 PP 25880



COCM Charity Golf Outing

Traditions Golf Course

68 Degree's & Sunny

Charlie & 39 others supporting the Scholarship Charity

We have been given the entire area to hold our training making it much easier to social distance. We will all have to follow whatever rules the facility has in place but, for the most part we can easily do this as most of us have similar rules in place currently in our offices. Your board will be taking temps on a daily basis at sign in as well as a short questionnaire to have available. Safety First.

Please make sure your membership dues are paid up. We ask you to limit the number of people around the vendor areas. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone this fall. I for one, will be thankful when 2020 wraps up. Thank you, Tim Gardner

Visit the Home page & scroll down to membership page for additional information....

PO Box 6433

Plymouth, MI 48170


Phone: 1+ (517) 816-8268


2020 COCM Spring Cancelled

Due to the Stay Home Stay Safe Order

A message from President Gardner  "Click- Spring Cancellation- Here"

Have a Great Summer, See You this Fall.

Following classes are offered to all Members, Click on the link below the class list.

CP-18-00247 Boring and Notching in Wood Frame Construction

CP-18-00246 Wall Bracing for Wind Design with 2015 IRC

CP-18-00248 Deck Inspection for new and Existing Deck

Approved MI Courses  Previously offered at a COCM Conference.


2019 Fall Conference

2019 COCM Fall Conference

Shanty Creek Resort, Summit Village

September 23-27, 2019

Education Agenda, Click Here

Our Future Trades people & Leaders get Education, through your generosity.


the music was supposed to be the Ohio fight song. Sorry Corey, Bob still had his Veto power. :-)

Alex Bishop missed but never forgotten...

Pictured above Alex Bishop



Residential Wood Wall Bracing PP#21631 CP-19-0144

Basics of Fire Alarms and Understanding ULFire AlarmCertification PP#21632 CP-18-00254

First Responder Radio Coverage PP#21633 CP-18-0086

MRC Floor Systems PP#21635 CP-19-0025

The Big Energy Push, IECC and IRC PP#21634 CP-19-00147

APA Wall Bracing Calculator PP#21770, CP-17-00119

Floodplain Administration PP#21636

Building Science for Building Officials CP-19-00002, PP# 21639

IBC Building Classification CP-19-00149, PP# 21637

Spray Polyurethane CP-17-00140 PP# 21640

Understanding 2015 MUEC Chapter 11 MRC  CP-19-00012 PP# 21638

BCC Administrative Update CP-19-00087 ICC PP# 21641

Common Questions Answered by the Bureau CP-10-00172, PP#21643

If a member needs anything please Email:

Thank you for attending and making the conference better through your participation. See you May 11 in Bay City.

2018 Fall Conference


Crystal Mountain Resort         September 24-28, 2018

Thompsonville, MI 49683

Corey Roblee of ICC & (2018-2019) President Robert Grostick

President Paul Featherston Honoring Charlie McLihargey 2018 Code Official of the Year

Charity Golf Outing (pictures)

Alex Bishop missed but never forgotten ...

WINNERS of Education Scholarship 

Education Agenda

Tuesday September 25, 2018

Sealing the envelope, Weather resisitive Barriers & Flashings

Dirt to doorknobs CP-18-00192 3 Hour Tech. & 3 Hour Plan Review

Building Department Management  State Approval # CP-18-001782 Admin.2 Com.

Wednesday September 26, 2018

2015 MBC Exterior Wall and Opening Protection

2015 ICC Comercial Cooking Systems  

Lo-Down Spray Foam Requirements

2015 MRC Fire Separation Construction

Thursday, September 27, 2018

2015 IFC & MBC Fire Protection Systems 

2015 MBC Field Inspections

Friday September 28, 2018

Structural Foam Injection State Approval # CP-18-00191 2 Hours Tech.

Unlawful Occupancy

2018 COCM Spring Conference

2018 COCM Spring Conference

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Bay City - Riverfront

May 14 - 16, 2018

"Click" here for the EDUCATION AGENDA.

140 Attendees participated in this conference

Education sign in sheets: "Click on name of your class below"

Code App. for Nail, Glued and Cross-laminated Timber CP-18-031, ICC PP#15894

Fastener/Anchor Systems Res. & Com. Construction   CP-18-010, ICC PP#15892

Code Officials guide to UL                                         CP-18-067, ICC PP#15896

Type of Occupancies                                                    CP-18-00022, PP#15897

The Truth is somewhere in the middle                       CP-18-024, ICC PP#PENDING

Fire Prevention Suppression         CP-18-00021, PP#15898

Fire stopping PR & Inspection                                  CP-18-028, ICC PP#15895

2017 MI Commercial Energy Code                               CP-17-132, ICC PP#15893

2018 Administration Update                                  CP-18-055, ICC PP#16180

Code/Rule Promulgation Process                               CP-18-054, ICC PP#16181

2017 Fall Conference

2017 COCM Fall Conference

Crystal Mountain  Tel 1+888.968.7686

12500 Crystal Mountain Dr.  Thompsonville, MI 49683

September 25 - 29, 2017

One of our scholarship recipients for 2017 below.


Final Education Agenda 

Sign in sheets

Tuesday September 26, 2017

2015 International Swimming Pool and Spa Code (ISPSC) - 18444

2015 Michigan Building Code Update- 18014

All you wanted to know about Polymeric siding, - CP17-109

Wood Deck Construction (Structural issues), - 18222

Wood use and recognition of fire retardant wood - 18466

Promoting the Building Department, - 18220

Wednesday September 27, 2017

2015 IBC (MBC) Use of Fire and Smoke Separations - CP17-70

2015 IBC (MBC) Allowable Heights & Area - CP17-118

Construction /Property Compliance. - CP17-98

2015 Special Inspection Requirements - CP17-105

Building Performance Issues - CP17-103

Low Impact Foundation System - CP17-100

Significant Changes to the Michigan Commercial Energy Code 2017 - CP17-111

Thursday September 28, 2017

2015 IBC (MBC) Exit Systems, - CP17-108

2015 IBC (MBC) Mixed Occupancies,- CP17-117 

Key Relationships,- 18221

Firestop seminar, Compliance for design - CP17-120

Barrier Management - Design with compliance in mind  - CP17-99                                                    

Friday September 29, 2017

Complaint Documentation - CP17-65

2017 Bureau of Construction Codes Update - CP17-96

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Spring 2017

COCM 2017 Spring Conference    MAY 8 - 11, 2017

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel    Bay City - Riverfront

2017 Spring Conference Education Agenda

Congratulations Matt Reno, our newest Honorary Member !

Click on the links provided below to download a copy of the sign in sheets for each program presented.

Monday 5/8/17

CP17-64 Skilled Trade Act           "Click here for attendees"

CP-17-75 IT Overview of Accela    "Click here for attendees"

CP-17-15 Plan Review Issues    "Click here for attendees"

CP-17-58 Barrier Free design exceptions    "Click here for attendees"

CP-17-76 Medical Marihuana Administration   "Click here for attendees"

CP-17-60 2015 MI Mech. & Int. Fuel gas code Update  "Click here for attendees"

CP-17-53 Health Care Facilities Art. 517    "Click here for attendees" ICCPP# 12847

CP-17-57 Significant Changes in 2015 MRC  "Click here for attendees" ICC PP# 12848

CP-17-31 Plumbing Code Update    "Click here for attendees" ICC PP# 12849

Tuesday 5/9/17

CP-17-20 Carbon Monoxide requirements   "Click here for attendees" ICC PP# 10161

18206 Spray Foam Plastic Insulation 2009IRC & 2012IBC  "Click here for attendees" ICC PP# 12850

18129 Wall Bracing Workshop     "Click here for attendees" ICC PP# 12851

CP-16-27 Top 10 Framing Concerns , "Click here for attendees" ICC PP# 6020

Wednesday 5/10/17

CP-17-43 2015 Michigan Energy Code for residential update "Click here for attendees"

CP-17-17 Firestop Plan Review, installation and inspection. "Click here for attendees" ICC PP# 12852

CP-17-16 Code compliance for Pole Barns "Click here for attendees" ICC PP# 12856

CP-16-10 Communication class "Click here for attendees" ICC PP# 12853

18407 Michigan Residential Energy Code " Click here for attendees"

Thursday 5/11/17

CP-17-11 Builders update class "Click here for attendees" ICC PP# 12854

CP-17-18 Structural Steel Course "Click here for attendees"

CP-17-51 Spring Concrete Refresher "Click here for attendees"

PRESENTATIONS PROVIDED, let us know if you want or need a presentation for a class you attended.

CP-17-00076 Medical Marihuana Administration by Keith Lambert Monday 5/8  "Click here for Presentation"

CP-17-00043 MI Energy Code Class by Tim Mrozowski Wednesday 5/10 Track 1 8-9  "Click here for Presentation"
CP-17-00010 Communication Class by Ken LaBelle Wednesday 5/10 Track 2 9-12    "Click here for Presentation"

18407 MI Residential Energy Code by Tim Mrozowski Wed. 5/10 Track 2 1.5-3.5    "Click here for Presentation"

 CP-17-00011 Builders Update Class 2015 by Ken LaBelle & Jason Griffin Thursday 5/11 Track 1  8-11 "Click here for Presentation"

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Bay City - Riverfront

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Bay City - Riverfront

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Bay City - Riverfront

Fall 2016 Conference

COCM 2016 Fall Conference

Bavarian Inn - Frankenmouth     September 27 - 30, 2016 

 2016 Fall Conference Agenda 2016 Fall Conference Attendees

Alex Bishop missed but never forgotten ...

(Golf Outing 2014)

"Click Following for this year's pictures" 

1   2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  14  15

Code Official of the Year - 2016

Martie Van Berlo



2016 Fall Conference Presentations
IBC Accessible Means of Egress

IRC Residential Deck Construction

Inspection of Concrete in Normal, Hot & Cold Temperatures   Part 1   Part 2

2016 Fall Conference Sign In & Attendance Sheets

Click on each document to download and save as a pdf copy and print if desired.

#18447  IBC Accessible Means of Egress   (ICC PPP #1010-8290)

#18448  IRC Residential Deck Construction  (ICC PPP #10108286)

#18442  Structural Insulated Panels  ICC PPP #1059-8662)

#18441  Inspection of Concrete in Normal, Hot and Cold Temperatures  (ICC PPP #1059-8663)

#18380  Avoiding Exterior Envelope Failures  ICC PPP #1010-8291)

#18446  Performing 2012 IBC Structural Plan Reviews  (ICC PPP #1010-8294)

#18386  Fire Door Systems, a Guide to Code Compliance  (ICC PPP #1007-641)

#18139  Top 25 Serious Violations in Construction  (ICC PPP #1059-8665)

#18233  Movement Control  (ICC PPP #1059-8950)

#18234  Flashing Multi Wythe Masonry Walls  (ICC PPP #1059-8853)

#18235  Special Inspection for Structural Masonry  (ICC PPP #1059-8852)

#18236  Energy Code Compliance for Single Wythe Masonry  (ICC PPP #1059-8951)

#18276  FEMA and Flood Zone Construction Issues  (ICC PPP #1059-8661)

#16-000001 Uniform Code Application  (ICC PPP #1059-9037)

2016 ASC

2016 COCM Spring Conference    April 27 - 29, 2016

Double Tree Hilton Hotel - Holland      650 E 24th St.  Holland, Mi. 49423   616-394-0111

Spring 2016 Education Agenda                    2016 ASC Attendee List


 Building Department Management Program Handout

2016 Spring Conference Sign-in/Certificate of Attendance 

Click on each document to download and save as a pdf copy and print if desired.

1.  #18378  Mold and Moisture in Buildings

2.  #18387  Great Lakes Superior Walls

3.  #18207  History of Testing & Use of Cellulose Insulation

4.  #18388  Porter Plant Tour

5.  #18377  Michigan Energy Code Update

6.  #18381  Construction in Existing Buildings

7.  #18223  Special Inspection Requirements

8.  #18219  Building Department Management

9.  #18275  Michigan Residential Code Update

10. #18371  Dry Crawlspace Science

11. #18370  Firestop Installation, Inspection & Burn

2016 Joint Winter Conference

2016 COCM Winter Conference Information

Held at Ramada Inn & Conference Center - Lansing, MI

February 2 & 3, 2016 

2016 Joint Winter Meeting Education Agenda           Attendee List

Click on each item to download

All documents can be downloaded and saved as pdf copies and printed.

2016 Winter Conference Final Education Program Agenda  

2016 Winter Conference Attendees  

Certificate of Attendance by Program Title: 

1.  #18315  Residential Energy Code

2.  #18314  Michigan Manufactured Housing

3.  #18251  Bridging the Generator Gap

4.  #18292   Soils and Foundations

5.  #18291  Special Inspections

6.  #18252  Electricity and Fire

7.  #18250  2015 Michigan Residential Code

8.  #18283  Ductless Mini Splits & Inverter Technology

9.  #18309  Code Compliance for Condensate Control

10. #18285  Behind the Wall - Plumbing Secrets

11. #18281  NSF/ANSI 14 Plastic Pipe and Fittings - Testing and Certification Process 

12. #18041  Anti Scald Valves - What's Hot, What's Not

13. #18042  Plumbing Code on Backflow Preventers

14. #18290  ACA Introduction and Training

15. #18321  Administration and Code Enforcement 

16. #18318  Accessibility   2009 A117 1 


COCM Conference Information