Code Officials Conference of Michigan

2021 COCM Fall Conference (September 28th – October 1st)

2015 MBC Allowable Height and Area CP21-00066
2015 MBC Exterior Wall & Opening Protection CP-21-00065
Fire Resistant Construction Two Family & Townhouses CP-21-00049
Legal & Ethics in Building Department CP-21-00051
Engineering Products & Conventional Wood Framing CP-21-00050
2015 Michigan Residential Deck Design & Construction CP21-00048
Complaint Management Start to Finish CP-21-00067
Understanding Curtain Wall Construction CP-20-00049
MBC w 2021 NFPA 101 Refences CP19-00011
Fire Stopping in Mass Timbers CP-20-00048

Credibility Something you Learn to Earn CP-21-00056

Fire Stop Life Safety Fundamentals CP-20-00064
Fire Stop Industry Fire Rated Barrier Testing CP-20-00066
Fire Stop Compartmentation and Fire Rated Barriers CP-20-00065
Frame for Success Top Framing Errors CP-21-00055